Automating the Die Casting Process

Used die casting & foundry automation can improve the quality of die cast and speed up production.  Automation equipment includes: automatic ladlers, reciprocator die sprayers, linear die sprayers, parts extractors, six axis foundry rated robots and forced air cooling conveyors.  Automated ladles to transfer molten metal into the die cast machine have capacities ranging from 50 pounds to about a half tons.  Strokes can reach from one foot to over to almost twelve feet.  Robotic ladles are fully programmable and extremely versatile.  Robotic ladles can increases product uniformity and reduce waste. 

Reciprocators die sprayers are available one axis or two axis units.  One axis move in and out while two axis sprayers move in, out, up and down.  Air actuated sprayers can deliver sweep spray or stop and spray at various angles.  Servo actuated sprayers are more expensive but are more programmable.   The benefit of reciprocator die sprayers is repeatability and automation.  One weakness is that can only spray in two planes. 

Once the part has been cast and cooled, automated part extractors and robot extractors can be easily programmed to remove the casting.  Optical, whisker or mechanical limit switches can determine it the part is within pre-determined tolerances.

Robot based automation helps to optimize foundry processes and boost productivity.  Foundry robots have hefty payloads and wide work envelopes. Robots allow workers to be relieved from hazardous work environments, moving heavy load and harmful repetitious tasks.  Foundry robots reduce wrkplace accidents and improve overall plant safety.  In addition, robotic automation offers superb repeatability and precision.  Robots can  handle a wide variety of die cast applications including material removal or extraction, grinding, sanding, spraying and pick and place.


Automatic Die Sprayers

ID # Brand
Size / Model
2473 Rimrock 24 24 inch Spray Arm Assembly
2474 Rimrock 24 24 inch Spray Arm Assembly
2780 Wollin 27 Wollin Die Spray Manifold with Wollin nozzles
5231 Wollin 27 Wollin Die Spray Manifold with Wollin nozzles


Automatic Parts Extractors



ID # Brand
Size / Model
4225 ABB 200 ABB - IRB 6400/2.5 200 200 Kilogram Six Axis Foundry Rated Industrial Robot, S4C Controls

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