Down Stream Finishing of Castings

After the die casting process is complete, secondary finish processes are required to complete the product.  These finishing processes include trimming, de-burring,  drilling, tapping, threading, vibratory finishing, milling and polishing.

The trim press process removes undesired features that naturally occur in the die cast process.  These undesired features are cut or sheared off and typically recycled.  Trimming is performed, after the parts are ejected from the die cast machine and sufficiently cooled, the gates and overflows need to be trimmed manually or by the use of a trim die.

Vibratory de-burring is a common finishing process provides smooth edges around the edges of the product and removal of oils used the trimming and machining processes.  Part are placed in a tub with specially shaped media with the parts to be de-burred.  The tub is vibrated causing the the pieces to rub together, de-burring the parts. 

For multi-tool operations like shaping, dilling, tapping, etc..., a CNC milling machine allows the manufacturer to perform several tasks at one station. CNC milling is (computer numerical controlled) is a machining process similar to drilling and cutting.  However, milling machines use a rotating cylindrical cutting tool to move along Z, Y and Z axes to produce a wide array of shapes, slots and holes.  In addition, the part can be moved across the cutting tool in different directions.  Most CNC milling machines include a lubrication device to oil and cool the cutting tool while machining.

Polishing, brushing and abbrasive shot blasting can provide a variety of textures and are common as pre-treatment for surface treatments like painting and electroplating. These processes can provide a provides a brighter metal finish for applications where the product is not painted.  Die Cast Machinery, LLC has a wide variety of finishing equipment to meet the  needs of your die casting operations.

Downstream finishing machines is a secondary process to finalize the die cast process.  If you are not sure which process is best for your application, contact the knowledgeable staff at Die Cast Machinery LLC.  We will be happy to assist you in your search for die cast equipment.

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