Hot Chamber vs  Cold Chamber Machines

The distinction between hot chamber  and cold chamber die casting for manufacturing is that cold-chamber has the molten metal pushed into the die from an external source.  The metal is heated and turned into molten metal outside the die cast machine.  Hot chamber machines the metal is melted in the machine.  Since the metal is melted inside the machine, certain parts of the machine has constant contact with the molten metal, therefore, metals with high melting temperatures are not typically cast with hot chamber machines.  Cold chamber machines are able to operate much cooler since the molten metal is brought in from an outside source. However, higher production rates are possible using hot chamber machines since the metal does not have to be delivered from outside the machine.

Hot Chamber Die Casting Process

Hot chamber die cast, also called gooseneck casting, is more common than cold chamber die casting.  Hot chamber casting machines use an hydraulic or pneumatic powered piston to force the molten metal heated within the machine into the die.  Once the molten metal has filled the goose neck,  the piston then pushes liquid metal into the die. The injection mechanism is fully immersed in the molten metal. The clamping force used to inject the metals ranges from 400 tons to 4000 tons. One advantage this process has over cold chamber is the fast cycle times which can be only a few seconds depending on the size of the part.  Since the injection mechanism is immersed in the molten metal, the mechanism is prone to corrosion. Due to this, hot chamber process is best suited for low temperature casting alloys such as lead, magnesium, zinc and copper. This method has fast cycle times which can be as low as seconds when producing small parts.

ID # Brand
Size / Model
3571 DTI - American 150 DTI - American - 150 Z 150 Ton Horizontal Hot Chamber Zinc (Zamak) High Pressure Die Casting Machine, Allen Bradley Controls
3665 Frech 500 Frech - DAM 500 S DV 500 Ton Horizontal Hot Chamber Magnesium High Pressure Die Casting Machine, Frech Data Controls
2861 Prince 250 Prince - 220 HCM 250 Ton Horizontal Hot Chamber Magnesium High Pressure Die Casting Machine, Allen Bradley Controls
3584 Producer 175 Producer - DH-P150 175 Metric Ton Horizontal Hot Chamber Zinc (Zamak) High Pressure Die Casting Machine, Mitsubishi FX2N PLC Controls
3583 Producer 95 Producer - DH-P80 95 Metric Ton Horizontal Hot Chamber Zinc (Zamak) High Pressure Die Casting Machine, Mitsubishi FX2N PLC Controls


Multi-Slide aka Four Slide

A significant advantage the hot chamber die casting is extremely short cycle times since the metal is heated and liquified inside the hot chamber machine.  Unlike cold chamber machine where the molten metal is heated outside the cold chamber machine and needs to be ladeled into the die cast machine.   The hot chamber die casting process is most commonly used for metals that have a low melting temperature such as zinc, lead and magnesium.  Extremely fast cycle times can  be achieved when casting zinc and zinc alloys as complex parts can be cast with little or no secondary processes.  Cycle times as fast as 1000 cycles per hour can be achieved with hot chamber process.  Since the metal has a low melting temperature, chill time is reduced resulting in faster cycle times.  Hot chamber machines can be fully automated thus reducing labor costs.

Hot chamber die cast machines are used to cast low temperature metals such as magnesium, lead, zinc and copper based alloys.  If you are not sure which process is best for your application, contact the knowledgeable staff at Die Cast Machinery LLC.  We will be happy to assist you in your search for die cast equipment.

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Major machine builders for the hot chamber die casting process includes: Italpresse, Frech, Idra, Techmire,  Urpe, Prince,  Hishunime, HPM and LK.