Inspection Equipment used in the Foundry & Die Cast Process

The importance of  testing die cast products for defects is critical.  Small insignificant defects can progress fatigue or stress related fractures which can result in catastrophic failure in parts used in the automotive or aviation industries.  Non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection equipment can provide a quick and efficient method to locate failure before they happen. 

Common types of defects that can occur in die casting include porosity, cavities, tearing, air locks and inclusions.  Porosity occurs when tiny bubbles of gas get trapped in the molten metal as it cools.  These bubbles are distributed within the metal and can weaken the metal.   Oxide and silicates are produced in the refining process which contribute to the inclusions. Tearing or "hot cracking" occur when when the metal cools and as it contracts is restrained by the mold or parts of the cast that have already cooled.  Air locks happen when air is trapped as the molten metal is ladeled into the mold.  Inclusions can occur due to impurities in the base metal.These air locks normally appear just beneath the surface of the cast.  All of these defects contribute to a poor die cast.

X-ray machines, spectrometers and coordinate measuring machines (CMM) can find these defects and improve the quality of production.  NDT is a quick, efficient and because it is non-destructive a very cost effective method of testing the product.




X-ray Machines

ID # Brand
Size / Model
4003 Bosello 225 Bosello - MA 6 CNC 225 kv Real Time Industrial X-ray, Bosello XRC 1000 Controls
4164 North Star Imaging 225 North Star Imaging - NSI X-View Model 5000 series 225 kv Real Time Industrial X-ray, NSI-CNC with CT Software Controls
2009 Philips 160 160kv Real Time Industrial X-Ray
2143 Philips 160 160kv Real Time Industrial X-Ray
4004 Yxlon 160 Yxlon - MU2000 160 2000 Real Time Industrial X-ray, Yxlon Controls




Non-destructive test equipment include industrial X-ray machines and spectrographs (spectrometers) and ultra-sonic testing.  If you are not sure which process is best for your application, contact the knowledgeable staff at Die Cast Machinery LLC.  We will be happy to assist you in your search for die cast equipment.

Die Cast Machinery, LLC is the global leader in procurement and sale of second hand  X-ray machines and spectrographs (spectrometers) for the die casting industry.  If it exists in the world of die casting we have it or can find it. We offer comprehensive services which include: facility appraisals, financing, plant liquidations and sales of on-going businesses.  We are a service orientated company that is dedicated to help you find the right machine for your application and budget.offers used, second hand high pressure die casting machines in cold chamber and hot chamber configurations.

Major X-ray manufacturers include: Dimensional, Phillips, Seifert, Bosello, Yxlon, Mark Industries, VJ Technologies, GE Inspection Systems,  Lake X-ray and others. Spectrographs manufacturers include: Arun, Baird, Spectro Analytical, Jarrel Ash, ARL and others.  Die Cast Machinery, LLC specializers in the procurement and resale of all equipment employed in the high pressure aluminum, zinc, magnesium and brass die casting industries. This includes used X-Ray machines and spectrometers from all major manufacturers.