Semi-Solid Die Cast Processes

Semi-solid die casting, also called Semi-solid metal forming (SSM), is when die cast is performed when metal is in the transient state between the liquid state and the solid state.  This process offers the improved part quality and reduced manufacturing costs.  High pressure die casting has long been regarded as a process that offers high production at low cost. However,  the process is subject to product quality issues which can lead to poor mechanical properties of the finished product.

Semi- solid die casting is done at temperatures between the liquid and solid state,  The inner 60% part of the  shot is primarily a solid where the remaining 40% perimeter of the shot is in the liquid state.  The successful results of this process are largely determined by the correct state of the shot prior to forming.  Benefits of semi-solid casting include: reduced thermal stress, die wear, solidification shrinkage due to reduced temperature of casting.  In addition, semi-solid casting offers reduced gas entrainment.  The resultant product has improved mechanical properties and ability to have extremely thin wall thickness.  High temperature semi-sold die technology is now available for forming copper alloy parts.  Due to the fact that the melting temperature  is lower than  pure copper, and  less than 50% of the heat will be transferred to the die, the life of the die is extended.


Semi-solid die cast machines are typically used to cast  zinc, copper, aluminium, magnesium, lead, pewter, tin based alloysand lead based alloys.  If you are not sure which process is best for your application, contact the knowledgeable staff at Die Cast Machinery LLC.  We will be happy to assist you in your search for die cast equipment.

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