Hot Chamber Four Slide Miniature Die Casting Process Explained

Four slide hot chamber die casting (often reffered to as Miniature Die Casting) is the process in which the injection system is partially immersed in of bath of molten metal contained in a furnace; the furnace is integral to the machine. The main components of the injection system are: Injection Cylinder, Plunger, Piston, Gooseneck and Nozzle.  At the beginning of the cycle the piston moves upwards which allows molten metal to be drawn into gooseneck through a port.  Next the dies closes sealing the cavities of the die. The design of the dies for the multi-slide die casting process is what makes multi-slide die casting machines unique from traditional die casting machines.  In a traditional die casting process only one half of the die moves when closing the die; in the multi-slide process as many as eight sections of the die (but more typically two to four) move together to close the die.  Now that the die is closed the plunger moves downwards, it seals the port and forces the molten metal through the gooseneck and nozzle into the die filling the cavities with molten metal.  Once the metal solidifies, the cast is ejected and the process repeats.

Advantages of Multi-slide Hot Chamber Die Casting

The major advantage the die cast, cold chamber, high pressure,aluminum die cast, cold chamber, high pressure, aluminum is extremely short cycle times as it does not require metal to be transported from a separate furnace. The 4 slide hot chamber die casting process is most commonly used for Zinc and Zinc alloys such as Zamak; Lead, Pewter and Magnesium.  Zinc and Zinc alloys very complex parts can be cast requiring little or no secondary operations.  As an example, threads can be cast directly onto the part during the casting operation. Extremely fast cycle times can be achieved with the hot chamber die casting process, sometimes more than 1,000 cycles per hour. In the hot chamber die casting process the chill time (time required for the metal to solidify) has a significant impact on the number of cycles per hour.  Four Slide Hot Chamber Machines are fully automatic often times allowing one worker to tend as many as 10 die casting machines.  Used primarily for miniature die castings requiring tight tolerance, fast production rates and the process highly regarded for its low tooling cost.  Four slide die casting employs parting line injection of the molten metal, perpendicular to the tooling eliminating the traditional sprue associated with conventional hot chamber die casting lowering scrap costs.

Hot Chamber Multi-Slide

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The primary advantage the 4 slide hot chamber (also called miniature) process is extremely short cycle times, unlike cold chamber machines where the molten metal must be transported from a heating furnace or holding tank, the molten metal is present inside the hot chamber machine. The 4 slide hot chamber die casting process is most commonly used for low temperature metals like zinc, Zamak,  lead, pewter and magnesium.  Hot chamber machines like multi-slide feature extremely fast cycle times, up to 1000 cycle per hour.  Four slide hot chamber machines are fully automatic, allowing one worker to control multiple die casting machines. Used mainly for miniature die castings demanding close tolerance and high production rates. This process is highly regarded for its decreased tooling cost.  

Four slide die cast machines are used to cast lead based alloys.  If you are not sure which process is best for your application, contact the knowledgeable staff at Die Cast Machinery LLC.  We will be happy to assist you in your search for die cast equipment.

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