Trimming Operations In the Die Casting Process

During the die cast process, the pressurized molten metal will  “flash out" around the edges of the part. This excess metal called “flash”, is typically extremely thin.  The flash is sharp and needs to be removed after the cast has cooled to obtain a finished product.  In addition to flash, support elements like runners, gates, overflows, vents, etc...  These items are required to cast the part, but need to be eliminated once the casting has cooled.  Trimming shears off the undesired features, which are typically recycled.  After the parts are ejected from the die cast machine and sufficiently cooled, the gates and overflows need to be trimmed manually or by the use of a trim die.

Die casting trim tools called a trim die can be used to sheer the excess metal that results from the die cast process.   The trim press uses several tons of pressure to hydraulically  or pneumatically force two halves of the trim die together, shearing off unwanted metal.  The trim die is installed into a trim press and enables the automation of trimming process synchronized with extraction.  Die casting trim dies streamlines production and speeds up the production process.

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