Die Cast Machinery, LLC is the global leader in procurement and sale of second hand die casting machines.  If it exists in the world of die casting we have it or can find it. We offer comprehensive services which include: facility appraisals, financing, plant liquidations and sales of on-going businesses.  We are a service orientated company that is dedicated to help you find the right machine for your application and budget.offers used, second hand high pressure die casting machines in cold chamber and hot chamber configurations.

Major Manufacturers of Die Casting Machines Worldwide - A to Z

 A  A&J Machine Company  Agrati  American Hydracast  Ardi  Avnet Machinery
 B  Birch  Buhler  Buhler Prince    
 C  Cannon TCS  Chin Yen Engineering  Chit Shun Machinery  Cleveland  CM Manufacturing
 C   Colosio        
 D  Die Cast Press  DJ Machinery  Dongguan Hongge  Dongguan Jin Tai  DTI - Die Tech Industries
 D  Dynacast        
 E  EMB  Ex-Cell-O B&T      
 F  Frech        
 H  Harvil  Hishanuma  HMT  Horla  HPM
 I  Idra  Italpresse      
 J   Jetec Machinery        
 K  KDK  Kux Machinery  Kux-Wickes    
 L  Lester  LK Machinery      
 N  National  Ningbo Sijin  NTP    
 P  Pac-Mar  Polak  Prince  Producer  
 Q  Quantum        
 S  Sea-Cheng Enterprise  SZ Eagle Technology      
 T  Taizhou Juda  Techmire  Technology Base Corporation  THT  Toshiba
 T  Toyo  Triad Speedcaster  Triulzi  T-Sok Company  
 U  Ube        
 W  Weingarten  Wotan