Magnesium Die Casting Process

Considering that magnesium is 33 % lighter than aluminum and 75 % lighter than steel, it's easy to see why magnesium is used in the auto industry.  Possessing  the lowest density of all structural metals, magnesium is the perfect die casting material for applications where weight conservation is a priority.   Magnesium has excellent strength to weight ratio, high rigidity, capable of EMI/RFI shielding,  excellent durability, high heat-dissipation and is fully recyclable.  Hot chamber die casting machines are normally used to cast magnesium products

The primary advantage of the hot chamber process is extremely short cycle times, since the metal does not have to be transported from a separate furnace. Hot chamber die casting process is typically used for allows with low melting temperature such as lead,  zinc and zinc alloys such as Zamak as well as magnesium.  Low temperature metals cast in hot chamber machines can have cycle times of up to 1000 cycles per hour.  In many cases, hot chamber machines are fully automated, reducing labor costs.  In some cases, e worker may tend to as many as six die casting machines.

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High pressure cold chamber die cast machines are normally used for casting magnesium and magnesium alloys.  If you are not sure which process is best for your application, contact the knowledgeable staff at Die Cast Machinery LLC.  We will be happy to assist you in your search for die cast equipment.

Die Cast Machinery, LLC is the global leader in procurement and sale of second hand high pressure cold chamber die casting machines.  If it exists in the world of die casting we have it or can find it. We offer comprehensive services which include: facility appraisals, financing, plant liquidations and sales of ongoing businesses.  We are a service orientated company that is dedicated to help you find the right machine for your application and budget offers used, second hand high pressure die casting machines in cold chamber and hot chamber configurations.

In addition to using high pressure hot chamber die casting for magnesium,  four slide hot chamber die casting can be used for magnesium products.  Four slide hot chamber die casting (often referred to as Miniature Die Casting) is the process in which the injection system is partially immersed in of bath of molten metal contained in a furnace; the furnace is integral to the machine. The main components of the injection system are: Injection Cylinder, Plunger, Piston, Gooseneck and Nozzle.  At the beginning of the cycle the piston moves upwards which allows molten metal to be drawn into the gooseneck through a port.  Next the dies closes, sealing the cavities of the die. The design of the dies for the multi-slide die casting process is what makes multi-slide die casting machines unique from traditional die casting machines.  In a traditional die casting process, only one half of the die moves when closing the die; in the multi-slide process, as many as eight sections of the die (but more typically two to four) move together to close the die.  Now that the die is closed the plunger moves downwards, it seals the port and forces the molten metal through the gooseneck and nozzle into the die, filling the cavities with molten metal.  Once the metal solidifies, the cast is ejected and the process repeats.

Major machine builders for the hot chamber die casting process includes: Frech, Techmire, Italpresse, Idra, Urpe, Prince, HPM, Hishunime, LK,  NTP, XLO B&T, Birch, Kux-Wickes, Colosio, Triulzi; Agrati, Urpe, Techmire, Prince, HPM, Lester, National, American, Dynacast;  Toshiba, Hishinuma LK and others.  Die Cast Machinery, LLC can locate die cast machinery custom tailored to your needs.